A walk in the Park

Today whilst my mum and sister headed off for a little retail therapy I decided to take a little walk around St Albans park. With my lens out in my hand I decided it was the perfect opportunity to get some low level photographs of some common parkland species.



The first two species I came across included a Coot and a female Mallard. Lying down on the grass at the side of the lake I positioned my lens on my Bean bag and started to take some low level images.

I much prefer using a bean bag rather than a tripod as repositioning the support takes far less time allowing me to respond quickly to a changing situation. The bean bag I am currently using is a single bean bag wildlife watching supplies. The bean bag is made of strong material with an internal liner that I have filled with rice. The rice although heavy provides a rock steady support that doesn’t make a lot noise when moved: perfect for working with wildlife.

One of my final images of the day was this of a Moorhen. As a parkland bird he was very comfortable with humans and allowed me to get extremely close without showing any signs of disturbance.

Parks provide a great place to practise and experiment with wildlife photography. Although the birds are wild they generally tame enough for you to get close with ease, this allows the photographer to concentrate on exposure and composition rather than their stalking skills.

My few hours in the park provided me a with a number of successful images, but best of all I didn’t have to go shopping!!!


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