Wildlife watching Supplies Doorstop Beanbag

The Doorstop Beanbag by Wildlife Watching Supplies

Beanbags are a fantastic and adaptable support that are perfect for the wildlife photographer. Bean bags can be positioned and used in a variety of ways to provide a solid platform for using a long lens in the field.

Beanbags are brilliant for use with long lenses as the dampen the vibrations resulting in much sharper images. They can be deployed in a range of circumstances and allow almost any natural or man made structures to be turned into a photographic support.

The new Doorstop Beanbag by Wildlife Watching Supplies is a new take on the classic beanbag. The new longer and thinner design means it can be used in more ways than a traditional beanbag making it perfect for the wildlife photographer working in challenging environments! The beanbag is constructed of two sections with velcro openings and removable liners and can be purchased filled (like mine) or unfilled. The beanbag has a detachable adjustable carrying strap with a comfortable shoulder pad allowing for easy transport in the field. The beanbag is made out of hard wearing Advantage pattern proofed fabric that will shrug of harsh usage and will resist tears and rips.

Uses – 

The beanbag can be used in a variety of ways as a stand alone support. The shape allows the beanbag to be moulded and positioned to provide a solid support wherever the beanbag is needed.

A situation where the beanbag comes into its own is for low level shooting. The beanbag provides a solid support at ground level allowing a photographer to shoot at eye level with many subjects such as wading birds or small mammals. This allows the photographer to make far more interesting and pleasing compositions whilst maintaining a stable platform to work from.

The beanbag can also be used in conjunction with another man-made or natural structure to provide support for your camera at a variety of heights. In the picture below I have positioned the bean bag on top of a gate to give a solid support whilst shooting with my Nikon 300mm f2.8 VR II.

One location where the beanbag proves extremely useful is within wooden birdwatching hides at nature reserves. It allows a photographer to have a stable support for a long lens whilst not taking up huge amounts of space.(Thus making you far more popular with the local birdwatchers!)

Another use for a large beanbag is on a car door. The beanbag creates a solid support allowing you shoot your long lens out of the window turning your car into the perfect mobile hide. The strap also comes into play when used in a car as it can be wrapped around the door handle to stop it falling out of the car and spooking your subject!

I could go on and on with more uses but with a good imagination a beanbag can be adapted to provide a solid support in practically any situation and environment making it a very useful piece of gear to have!

The downsides…..

The major downside of a large beanbag is the weight. At around 3kg it isn’t the lightest of objects but with the padded strap it is easily transportable making  carrying it far easier and more comfortable. The large size of the beanbag is also a good thing at it provides more support ultimately leading to sharper images.

Im my personal experience the weight is not much of an issue but when I am on longer hikes I do find myself putting my beanbag into a camera rucksack to spread the weight evenly across both of my shoulders helping to reduce fatigue.

 conclusion – 

In conclusion a beanbag is a must have for the wildlife photographer and the Doorstop Beanbag by Wildlife Watching Supplies is one of the best! It provides limitless possibilities (if combined with a good imagination) to provide a stable platform for shooting a long lens. I love using my beanbag and it is included in my equipment 95% of the time as it is so adaptable for use out in the field whilst tracking and photographing wildlife.

Where to buy –

To get hold of a Doorstop Beanbag you can order one directly from the Wildlife Watching Supplies website, they have excellent customer service with helpful staff with a great knowledge about all of the products they sell.


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