Blogging Birthday!

As I sit here writing this now its amazing to think my Blog has been going for a year!

Last August when I first sat down to start work on my new blog I had no idea of what I was doing…The plan was simply to produce a small blog to share my photos with the world! A year on and so much has changed, my Blog has had so many changes,updates but finally it is starting to take the shape I wanted it to. In the last year my content has increased dramatically with new posts of latest my works as well as a number of reviews of some pretty awesome products I have been so lucky to acquire!

I just wanted to take this chance on the one year anniversary to thank a few people for being a fantastic help in this blogs creation and success.

First up is to the fantastic photographer that is Richard Peters! Richards own Blog inspired me to put this one together (check it out here) and without his help and support (answering my Blogging questions) much of my site may have never been created, So thank you very much indeed Richard!

Secondly to the fantastic companies who have provided equipment for me to use and review. Lowepro, Wimberley and Wildlife Watching Supplies have all been fantastic in providing me with the latest gear to use myself and review for you all. There equipment has allowed me to create photos I would never have been able to before and for that I am truly grateful.

Thirdly to all of my family, friends and contacts who together have helped me in so many ways! So many of my close photography friends have been so good to me, often lending me equipment and supporting me in some of my crazy ideas! A huge thank you to all of the Staff at RSPB Rye Meads for being so accommodating of my photography and continued help and support!

A huge thank you to one Mr Keith Bedford, he has supported me in so many ways and has become a mentor, consultant and life long friend. His help has allowed me to push my photography and create many images that would have been impossible without him (the hide for my work with the kestrels was donated by him) Thank you so much for all that you have done for me, my surrogate grandfather of photography!

Lastly and probably most importantly to all of you reading this now! Your continued support, comments and positive feedback is so important, it pushes me on to produce new and exciting content and for that I am so very grateful!

The future….

So looking in to the future of this blog what can you expect? well currently I am working on three new photographic projects that I will hopefully get to share with you soon, there will be a host of new reviews with my Wildlife Watching supplies Dome Hide review being finished off in the next few weeks and some more on the table before christmas. I will also be making a few large and exciting photographic trips this year and I will post full run downs and photo blogs to keep you up to date and informed. Hopefully that should Keep my very busy but I would love you know what you would like? Drop me a message or post a comment and I will see what I can do!

Thank you so much for your support over the last year and hopefully this year will be even better!


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