Highland Vision

Good evening everyone!

Just a quick update to tell you all about an exciting trip that I will be embarking on at the end of this month!

I have teamed up with a fellow young wildlife and nature photographer Tom Hughes ( website ) to work on a project photographing the upland wildlife of the Scottish Highlands this winter. We are going  in search of many of the upland specialists including Mountain Hares, Capercaillie, Red squirrels, Ptarmigan as well as fitting in as many other species as we can during the trip!

We are staying up in the Cairngorms National Park for a week at the end of this month and hopefully when I return (and during) I will have a fantastic array of new content to share with you all.

The aim of our project is to highlight the wonders of our natural wildernesses that we are so lucky to have in the UK and to help raise awareness for the protection of these precious and vulnerable locations for the future. With our photos and images we aim to highlight the stunning variety and wealth of wildlife in these regions so that they will always be looked after and protected for generations to come.

I will be leaving for the Highlands on the 23rd of November so if you want to keep up to date  you can also follow myself on Twitter @TomMasonPhoto or follow our project on twitter @AHighlandvision , I will try and keep the blog updated but please come back in the weeks after the project for all the stories and photos!





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