Highland Vision (Part 3 of 3)

I would first like to apologise for the length of time this post has taken me to publish, Christmas and many other jobs surfaced themselves in the way… but finally I have found a few moments to get the last of my Highland Vision project post up on the blog!

This post is not about any specific subject but instead about the wonderful landscape we found ourselves in whilst working on the project : The Scottish Pine Forests.

The Pine Forests of the Cairngorms were once a truly expansive in their range, they covered much of the highland regions and provided a unique habitat for a wonderful array of wildlife. The trees are extremely valuable for both national and international wildlife conservation with rare species such as the Pine Martin and Capacali relying on the habitat for survival. Currently only a fragment of the original forests exist due to clearance for farming, grazing or firewood. Currently Scottish Nature along with the forestry commission and various other conservation authorities are working together to expand the Pine Forests and once again increase the size of this vital habitat.

If you are ever lucky enough to visit the pine forests you will be blown away by the wonderful feel of the landscape, on first glance they seem to be dead but if you stop and listen and look hard enough you will find they are packed with incredible wildlife. Whilst on the Highland Vision trip I just had to create some images of the pine forests as I could not walk away from this impressive landscape without some images of this surreal environment. Surreal is exactly what I tried to embody when I produced my images, slowing the shutter speed to record blurred trunks or  underexposing to develop the mood.

Below are a couple of my favourite Pine forest images from the trip, I am no landscape photographer but hopefully by the time I return to the Scottish Pine forests I will have developed more of an eye to do this incredible habitat justice!

I hope you enjoy the images, comment with your thoughts, Thanks



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